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    Name/ Information Plates

    I am interested in purchasing a plate like the one in the photo. Where can I get one? It's the plate that says the year, owner, model, ect.
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    Farmall Radiator

    I have a Super A that I just finished Restoring for my ffa project. The radiator seeps from the top neck. It has been pressure tested and is unrepariable. What can I do? If the water is low enough it won't leak. How low is too low?
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    Carb #

    What is the carburetor number on this? It is on my Super A.
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    Napa Oil Filter Farmall Super A

    What is the part number for the oil filter on a farmall super A?
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    Farmall Super A

    I have a farmall Super A and i am biulding a straight pipe for it. What is the best way to polish stainless?
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    Farmall H or M

    I have a tractor that I am interested purchasing this tractor. It is advertised as a Farmall Super M. I was just wondering if that Is true. When I compared it to photos it looks more like a H.[/url]
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    John Deere BW

    I have a 1946 John Deere Bw. When I go to start it with a charged battery it cranks very slow. I will crank 1-3 stop struggle and repeat. I tried putting a jumper box but it still acted the same. What can I do to fix?
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    John Deere BW Spark Plug

    What number spark plug should I use for a John Deere Bw? Thanks NATHAN
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    John Deere BW Spark Plug

    Year 1946
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    John Deere BW lights

    Does anyone have pictures of the mounting bracket for a John Deere BW or model B headlight? Similar to attached.
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    John Deere BW lights

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    Ice Cream Machine

    Hello. I am interested in making/ building a tractor driven ice cream machine. Does anyone have pictures of a homemade one or pictures of purchased ones? Thanks! Clapped 2N Nathan
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    I over tighted the carburetor mounts.. how can I fix it? This post was edited by Clapped 2N on 07/16/2023 at 08:40 am.
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    John Deere BW

    Judy got a john deere bw. Where is the battery located?
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    Headlight question

    What is the nappa number for a Ford 2n or 8n headlight? Thanks, Clapped 2n
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    i have a ford 2n that runs and has a pretty good paint job. I also have a ford 8n that i got started but needs a battery, rear tires, and other misilanious parts, in wicth i might sell to a friend. My grandpa has 2 tractors in wicth have ran prevoulsy. On is a Case DC trike and the other is a...
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    The 2n can all ready do all of those task. I want the h or dc mainly for shows and parades. I only ment if I did need to use it with would be better
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    Is this about right?

    Not a bad tractor 6500 seems high don't know much about the tractor but I would think more like 4000 at most.
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    Is this about right?

    Not a bad tractor 6500 seems high don't know much about the tractor but I would think more like 4000 at most.
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    White Smoke?

    My ford 2n blows white smoke. I looked up reasons why and it said that it could be a blown head gasket. I looked up blown head gasket symptoms and one was white smoke and one was a milky white susbsants in the oil. I changed the oil today and just noticed a dark black oil with was long over due...

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