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    which plugs should I use

    My experience with Champions is when I got out of trade school and was working in a small engine shop I had a whole box of 10 CJ8s come back as no starts. Since I was the only guy in the shop, I didn't order any more champions. Later on in a Chrysler dealership, it was a daily occurrence...
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    C engine troubles

    Definitely a D series and not the 125 a C would have originally. Before you rip the head off, check the compression on the dead cylinder against the others. If it has compression, no need to tear down. Swap the plug wire with one from a good cylinder. Do the same with the plug. You're looking...
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    D17 starting madness

    You don't have enough battery. When mine was freshly overhauled, one 1K 12v battery just wasn't enough. I have a pair of the 1k batteries now with a 2/0 gauge cable to the starter. It will start down to -10 with just a tiny sniff of ether easily. It starts on the batteries only without the grid...
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    D17 diesel leaks

    They are the same as the seals on a 7.3 powerstroke fuel lines from the filter housing to the heads.
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    Planter monitors?

    I'd take it if you find it. Give me a call if you do. 515-669-6589
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    Planter monitors?

    I recently upgraded to a 4 row Allis Chalmers 330 air planter with model 78 row units. I?m told it originally had a Dickey John monitor. Looking online I see new monitors from the basic units that just tell when seeds are dropped up to units that manage everything short of driving the...
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    Allis Chalmers D-14

    I found an interesting way to do it on mine. On a parts tractor I bought it had the wire for an original factory optional warning light run through a piece of copper tubing run along the top of the transmission. If it's not part of the light kit, the person who did it sure did a good job of...
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    D17 gas diesel

    You will want to pay close attention to piston protrusion. The factory specs is .029 on the high side. A used diesel head gasket is in the .045 range. If your block has been surfaced multiple times to fix sleeve recession, you could end up with pistons hitting the head. Measure measure measure...
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    Economics 101 .... the rest of the story ....

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime...
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    Get a refractometer and know what you have. Most float type testers max out at -34. A refractometer will tell with much greater accuracy to a much colder level.
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    Billy Shafer - Whole House Generator Recommendation MFG

    We have a Briggs & Stratton branded standby unit. It's a 12K and auto start/switch over. The generator head is a General Electric. Whatever unit you choose, if it is an auto start unit be sure to have a surge protector installed with it. We had a lightening strike take out the stove...
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    How I get oil from a 5gal bucket without a mess

    I use a bucket pump. Remove the lid and the pump goes in it's place. It has a hose with a spout that hooks in the filler opening. Makes for no mess filling of anything, especially small openings.
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    Open or closed cell foam

    I had 2" of closed cell foam put in my shed ceiling and walls. It turned a building that snow would drift inside into an igloo cooler. The plans were for just heating it in the winter, but being closed up caused enough humidity build up that I got a layer of mold on everything the first summer...
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    If it's only happening with a trailer plugged in, it's a 98 44/100 % chance the problem is in the trailer. If it doesn't matter if the trailer is hooked up or not, wash out the plug on the truck with brake cleaner and thoroughly dry it out. I have seen moisture get in the connector on the...
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    Wash out the trailer plug on the truck with brake cleaner then thoroughly dry it out with compressed air. I have also seen moisture get in the back side of the plug and cause this. Worst case scenario in this situation is usually a new trailer connector and the harness side connector pigtail.
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    GMC Twin Six V12

    The RR Griffon has a sound all it's own. There is a unlimited modified puller from Cambridge IA that runs one in the River Rat. The Allison 1710 and Packard 2500 have a smooth sound to them, but the Griffon has a definite rhythm and louder than a pair of Hemis.
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    anti-freeze freezing

    Straight anti-freeze doesn't freeze. This is one of those old wives tales that has no truth to it. There are 2 reasons for mixing water with anti freeze. First is in high concentrations ethylene glycol is flammable. Have a hose burst with straight antifreeze on a hot day and you're going to have...
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    S55 diesel rebuild-no oil pressure

    You can rent an engine pre lube tank from O'Reilly's. It connects to the oil pressure gauge port and forces oil through the entire engine including the oil pump and filter. It works great on engines you can't run the oil pump with a drill. I used one when I did my 60. Worked like a charm.
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    GVWR vs GAWR?

    If you're wanting to haul a 2500 lb tractor, you need a trailer with more than a 3500 lb capacity axle under it. A 6x12 trailer would easily handle that Kubota with tandem 3500 lb axles. You will be happier with two 3500s than one 5000. The tandem 3500s will ride smoother empty and having 4...
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    Gooseneck wiring

    Running the cord between the tailgate and box isn't convenient and looks like a hack job...

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