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    My dad's F-20 Farmall

    Will get my dad's F-20 hauled home in a week or two. Serial number FA 127300 shows it to be a 1931 Fairway I think. Eight lug 36" rims seem very hard to find. Looking at Farmall H rims and how to weld lugs on. Any pictures and/or suggestions would be helpful. Has electric start, belly pump...
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    My dad's F-20 Farmall

    Thanks, I will take photo of wheels and get existing tire size and explore replacement from there. They are cast spoked wheels. Outside edge diameter of rims measure about 40" and tires about 10'' tread width. Rims likely made up.
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    My dad's F-20 Farmall

    I have dad's parts manual, "instruction book" on the way from Binder Books. Thanks
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    My dad's F-20 Farmall

    Bought back my dad's F-20 with starter and road gear. Been sitting in shed with rain cap for many years but engine turns. All complete but tires and rims are shot. I think the rims are 8x36 and tires 9 or 10x36. Is this correct and standard? Will need new tires and rims. Suggestions? I...
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    Carburetor complications

    x2 Linkage and butterfly has to be in same position as old one.
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    NAPA oil filter no. For a Farmall M

    The one that works for my 1946 Farmall M is NAPA 1125.
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    Wheres the Tractor Vet?

    If you can, drop down and back through Portland and head back east through the Columbia Gorge along the Columbia River (I-84 and if time the Old Scenic Highway on the Oregon side). World class scenery!
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    Mods for my M

    Steps I made for same reasons by adapting ready made steps I bought that were made to insert into pickup receiver hitch. Adapted and fit nicely between two drawbar clamps. Mount from the front vs climbing over the 3-point behind tractor.
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    Got the 606 home

    Wabaunsee County
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    Got the 606 home

    Got the 606 diesel home Saturday. As was suggested the issue with loader lifting was I didn't think to switch the rear remote valves to the front. Works great now and at present they are staying in place. Happy to have it in my small collection. Spent my career away but now back in the...
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    Got the 606 home

    Thank you! One at a time I guess.
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    International 606 bucket not lifting

    Looking at an International 606 to purchase. Diesel; sounds good. Very good tires. Dual loader in good condition. Always garaged. Owner lifted the loader and pulled it out of garage. Shut it off before I came to look at it. Starts well. I started it to drive it. I used the side levers...
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    International 606 bucket not lifting

    Thanks. Will take note. The guy selling has dementia and I am dealing with his wife. Poor guy can't contribute any information or experience.
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    International 606 bucket not lifting

    Thanks. Got it! Went back and found this 606 has two rear remotes with flow dividers (levers), to the right and front of seat. This in addition to typical sliding 3-point levers for raising/lowering and draft. Had to hold the divider levers forward until flow kept them in place. Then bucket...
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    Behlen vs Charlynn

    Dad put a Charlynn on our M about 30 years ago. I still use the M. Fits nicely under the hood and not noticeable. Has always worked. Replaced steering shaft seals once. My reservoir says to use automatic transmission fluid Type A. If not, fluid will spit out the vent hole in the cover...
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    9 Speed Add On In A 47 Farmall H ?

    I have an M&W 9 speed in my Farmall M. Like Jim says the cable could be rusted and not operable. I had a speedometer shop build a new cable for me. However the issue then is connecting it. As I recall the transmission cover has to come off to get to the location where the cable is connected...

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