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    Allis WD45 TSX 464 Carburetor

    Good Evening, I am completely lost here and would appreciate any help! I have an Allis WD45 that is sporting the Marvel Shebler TSX 464 Carburetor. Here is how this all started. I went and hooked up my snow blower and parked the tractor in the yard waiting for the snow to come...
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    cnh lays off

    Yep..... Unfortunately I am one of them.... :( Finish my cotton picker run and then train the next guy to take my job. Crazy....
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    Need help wiring

    Works perfectly! Thanks Bob!
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    Need help wiring

    Need help from my Mechanically talented friends! A couple years ago my Allis WD45 wiring shorted out somewhere and fried to a crisp (alternator side). I couldnt tell what was what because many burned completely off at connectors. I replaced all wiring, alternator, and voltage regulator and was...

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