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    How old of a bull can be fixed

    Calibrate bander is perfect for that bull plus a tetanus shot. I’ve banded hundreds of them that size with no problems. Your vet may have one you can borrow.
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    Saturday Extra 2

    On all the TW and 30 series tractors that was standard having the weights under the front. Very secure and easy to put on and off. A factory front weight bracket is kind of rare.
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    fuel pump problem ford 555b backhoe

    The screen in the bottom of the fuel tank is probably plugged. Disconnect the fuel line and use air compressor and blow back into the tank. Make sure to take fuel cap off. Reconnect and bleed and I bet it will start. Good luck
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    Monster Crawler

    They had one in the movie Lilies of the Field from the early sixties.
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    A4T with Degelman blade

    Having trouble loading the pictures
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    A4T with Degelman blade

    You need to drill4 holes in the front frame for the cylinder mounts. Lengthen the lower frame to align just in front of the hinge pin then build a plate and clamp to the frame.
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    A4T with Degelman blade

    I took my blade off a few years ago. Ill take some pictures of the mountings on the blade tomorrow and post them for you. Just take mine to the tractor shows now. Were hoping to completely restore it in the next year or so.
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    White 2-155 Pto conversion

    The 135 and 155 used Hercules engines. Just change the pto yoke and you are good to go
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    Kubota nascar

    My brothers and I will be at Daytona. Always a great time
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    1991 John Deere 310D Reverser not working probably

    If your backhoe has the electric shift control then your solenoid is bad. Its about 700 dollars and is easy to change. Its located on the left side of the transmission. Have replaced several and solved the problem. Good luck
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    7720 Titan 2 RWA question

    The RWA is hydraulically driven. The same system as on the forage harvesters of the same time frame. No need to check or change oil just make sure the hydraulic filter is replaced and keep tank full.
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    serpetine belt

    I agree. Replace the tensioner.
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    serpetine belt

    I agree. Replace the tensioner.
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    Finished planting

    With gps you dont need markers. Were in Longmont
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    Finished planting

    Finished today also. Very dry here in Colorado
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    Corn basis numbers in your part of the country???

    Old and new crop corn bids are .45 over. Were along the front range in Colorado
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    More out of storage.

    Nothing better than a Versatile
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    Ford 8830 vs IH 3588

    If the 8830 is FWA and power shift you will really like it. Very fuel efficient and the air to air inter cooler is trouble free. In my opinion it has the best power shift built. The electronic dash is not the best and the power steering pump is a little week especially if you have a full...
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    What was the first tractor you owned

    1974 IHC 766 diesel. Bought it new for 13,000. Still have the original invoice but traded it years ago. Really good tractor for its day

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