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    I got a couple old engines for free

    The one says David Bradley, but my money says it's a Briggs & Stratton.
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    Tuesday Tractor 28/5

    I was wrong, the tractor picture shows up when you open it but the picture in the caption is a duplicate of the truck.
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    Tuesday Tractor 28/5

    It appears that you posted the truck twice and missed the tractor.
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    Dealer for Don

    Found this one on You Tube: Highfill Tractor Co. LaCrosse, Kansas. If I recall corectly, the dealership was just North of LaCrosse on Highway 183.
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    My 190 gets a new drive motor.

    Your problem might just be a clogged hydraulic screen. Get in touch with Tom Stanley as he found that that was my problem.
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    Wednesday Extra 2 22/5

    Brian, it's definitely a Wallis.
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    A major life milestone for me

    Don, that;s why I take the manifold off and mount the carburetor to it while it's off.
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    Case 930 ck transmission bearing in oil

    You will have better luck with answers if you post this on the Case forum.
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    May 10 TDIH

    175 years ago today.
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    2470 remotes

    I'm 99.99 per cent certain they are paired left & right.
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    2024.04.20 Tractor Pics

    Like Brown David said, the John Deere pictures will not load.
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    2024.04.18 Tractor Pics

    I'm more impressed with the L & LA Case o n each side of the Hart Paar.
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    Case RC questions, value and comments from the case experts

    R series production ended October 30, 1940
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    Case RC questions, value and comments from the case experts

    It has been 33 years since I restored mine so I can't say how available Waukesha engine parts are now. Back then I had no trouble locating what I needed. Some Case combines used the same engine and I think I know where an engine is sitting. I'm in Montana about 40 miles from that engine.
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    VAI Case - Only 2-3 PSI Oil Pressure

    You might want to post on the Case forum1 many knowledgable people there.
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    Case 800B exhaust manifold holes in bottom

    On our LA, Dad would light his cigarettes there.
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    Sunday Special 2 17/3

    I think the blue things lying next to the grain piles are tarps to cover them. They use tarps like that out here in Montana.
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    Case LA Starter

    Rustred, you said it better than I did.

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