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    4230 Fuel Tank Dent Repair

    Thanks for asking. Neighbor has the tractor and it is not home yet, so i do not have a photo. I stopped and looked at it briefly after he told me about the dent, but I did not think to take a picture of it. The dent is in the lower 1/3 of the tank, below the JD emblem and not very deep. What...
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    4230 Fuel Tank Dent Repair

    Dent is not real bad. Doesn't leak. Tractor is nothing special, just my everyday loader tractor. I am retired and it is all the loader tractor I need. It looked nice when it left our yard however and I would like it fixed. Neighbor borrowed it and it was damaged at his place. I am trying...
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    4230 Fuel Tank Dent Repair

    My 4230 collided with the hay rails on a bale trailer and dented the fuel tank. New ones are not available and used ones are expensive. Has anyone tried having a body shop use a dent puller or other method to repair such a dent?

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