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    John Deere 60 Steering Shaft Question

    Thanks. I didn't know about hollow tube with solid on the ends. The hollow/solid transition was where it just broke.
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    John Deere 60 Steering Shaft Question

    I have a John deere 60 that broke the steering shaft twice. I think there used to be a power steering on the tractor before I bought it. Are all steering shafts made out of tube or are some of them solid? My shaft broke in two different places (different times) so I don't know what is going...
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    JI Case 830 Diesel Waterpump Washer

    Thanks for the info. Elmer's Repair in Centralia KS is a good source of parts. They have radiators.
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    JI Case 830 Diesel Waterpump Washer

    I bought a new waterpump for my 1964, 830 (832 Case-o-matic) tractor. The new waterpump came with an individually packaged washer that I have no idea where it goes. I pulled the pulley off the old waterpump and there is not a washer under the pulley. Does anyone know where the new washer goes...
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    Wanted Wanted - International TD-9 or WD-9 Diesel Engine

    Looking for a good International TD-9 or WD-9 diesel engine. I need to change out a bad engine in a 1948 TD-9 crawler. I believe it is a Series 91, D-335 4 cylinder "gas start" diesel.
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    WD-9 Engine Fit TD-9 Crawler

    Will a WD-9 diesel engine fit a 1948 TD-9 Crawler?
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    TD9 Main Bearings (1948 Diesel Crawler)

    Is there a source of engine main bearings (.010) for a 1948 TD9 diesel crawler? Working on a 1948 TD9 and am trying to find engine parts. A good .010 bearing part number would help too. Thank you.
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    Power Steering on a Minneapolis Moline GB?

    Has anyone ever added power steering to a GB? If so, how did you do it?
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    Power Steering on a Minneapolis Moline GB?

    Thanks for the help. I will see what I can do. I like the tractor but the steering is becomming too much.
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    Case Farm Machinery Sign (Original)

    A friend of mine would like to sell his original Case Farm Machinery sign. The sign came from a dealership in central Kansas. The sign has some bullet holes and measures 71-3/4 inches long and 30 inches wide. Does anyone know an approximate value of the sign?
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    Vacuum Coming Through Vent Behind Seat (Hydrovac Questio

    I have a 1962 GMC with a hydrovac brake system. Is there supposed to be vacuum coming through the breather behind the (drivers side) seat? I have vacuum through the breather during normal driving without braking. The brakes do work great.
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    Farmall H Magneto Question (American Bosch MJB4A-308)

    I am not sure. If that is what is needed, I can take the mag to a shop and find out. I like having mags so I don't have to keep a collection of batteries. These are just show / play around tractors. A friend was cleaning a shed and found the mag and gave it to me. Thanks.
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    Farmall H Magneto Question (American Bosch MJB4A-308)

    Will an American Bosch MJB4A-308 work on a Farmall H? I have the same American Bosch magneto on my Farmall M and it runs great. Thanks.
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    Will a LA Case Power A Log splitter?

    I recently picked up an LA Case with hydraulics. This is just a hobby tractor that I keep in town. I was wondering if an LA had enough hydraulic power to run a log splitter? I usually run other tractors on the splitter, but if the LA had enough hydraulic pressure, I will split wood with it this...
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    560 Hydraulic Problem

    I am working on a Farmall 560 Diesel. The tractor had set out for some time. I got the engine running and cannot get the back hydraulics that raise and lower the drawbar to work. The tractor is full of hydraulic fluid and the power steering works. Any ideas? I am sure something is froze up...
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    Farmall 560 Diesel Fuel Return Elbow Help

    Thanks for the help. If I make an extension and need a little back pressure I can always pinch it a little.
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    Farmall 560 Diesel Fuel Return Elbow Help

    Someone took the check valve off the elbow assembly (370676R92) on a 560 Diesel fuel tank. Water got in the injector pump through the return line and ruined the pump. I want to put an extension on the elbow so water and sediment will not get into the return line again. Check valves are about...
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    JD 4020 LP Cuts Out After 45 Minutes Of Use

    I am working on a JD 4020 LP. We installed electronic ignition, used resistor plugs (gapped at .015) resistor plug wires, rewired the tractor, tried 2 new coils, new ballast resistor (because someone put a different ignition switch on the tractor without the built in resistor), cleaned the fuel...
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    Is Precup Removal Necessary - 560 Diesel?

    I have a 560 diesel with a D282 engine. The injector pump and injectors will be removed and rebuilt. I read several posts about precup removal. That sounds like a hit and miss. Is it necessary to remove precups or should they be left alone? Looks like the precups are expensive if I would...

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