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    Wanted John Deere 1065 Running Gear Hub #W-14020

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    For sale Hydraulic Lift Hayrack

    $2,900.00 to $3,500.00
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    Guage Wheel Assembly for IHC 311 Plow

    Thanks for the help and the good pictures of the gauge wheel assembly. I will keep looking for the right one for my 311 plow. You helped me answer my questions.discussion boards works.
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    Guage Wheel Assembly for IHC 311 Plow

    I have found a IHC complete Gauge Wheel Ammembly for IHC plows. Not knowing what it came off of I would like to know if it will work on my Mounted 3-16 311 plow?? The mount bracket is 4 inches between holes. Does the same assembly fit different models?? Has a U shape bend on the bottom of the up...
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    Frozen Spindle on Running Gear

    I purchased a nice Westendorf Running Gear and I cannot get one spindle free. The other side is fine. I have tried heating the assembly that holds the spindle. No Luck. I took the top cover off the spindle and made a little fence around the top of the spindle and filled it full of penetrating...
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    Fixing 1945 Farmall B Brakes

    I need to reline the brakes on my Farmall B and inner oil seals leak some. Any helpful hints would be good. Never have done it before. Looks like it could be some problems keeping the tractor stable. What else do I need to do beside brake bands and inner oil seals when I get it all apart?? Thanks---
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    Brakes on a Farmall B

    I need to redo the brakes on my Farmall B. Very little brakes in reverse and not a lot better going forward. How big a job and what do I need to watch out for? I suppose changing all the rear seals is also in order. Makes sense to me to do one side at a time. Any tips would be appreciated...
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    Farmall H Overhaul Still leaks out the Rear Main-WHY??

    I helped a friend replace the rear main seal on his overhauled H and it still leaks. All the new felt got installed in the seal grove (no trimming ends) all new seal plate gaskets and sealant,crankshaft surface looked smooth, little round new plug felts installed. Did we miss something or could...
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    Is a 1939 Farmall B worth more than electric start B

    A widow lady wanted me to give her an idea what her 1939 B Hand Crank is worth as she wants to sell it. I think they went to electric starter in 1940 am I right? Mainly is it worth more or less that a electric start both being in the same condition. She said it was straight and runs but tires...
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    560 pulls to the right going down the road

    I have a 560 wide front Farmall gas tractor that just started pulling to the right going down the highway. Does not take much pressure to hold it straight, but have to be alert. Toe in is set proper and tie rods are tight and adjusted proper. Has an IHC wide front with a short turn kit. Cannot...
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    What Brand is this Endgate Seeder??

    A friend gave me this old wagon with this unknown Endgate Seeder on the back end. Thought it would make a good 4-H project for one of the grandkids. We have no Idea of who made it or where to find information about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Phone 515-228-3019 or e-mail.
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    Farmall H miss I cannot find!

    A friend came over to the shop with his H Farmall. Missing on 2 cyl's. Good compression, new points and condenser, rotor, cap, wires, plugs. Plugs are D-21. Should I put in BT-8? Good spark. You hold the wire about 1/4 inch out of the cap and running improves?? Cyl 2 and 3 are the ones missing...
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    Leaking Outer Rear Axle Seal 3010 Tractor

    What do I need to do to change the rear axle seal? Any hints and help would be appreciated as I have never worked on this part of a JD 3010. I suppose the bearings could be bad also. Thanks for any help. Looks like a big job.
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    Changing the rear main seal on a 450

    The rear main seal on our 450 is leaking bad. Does the tractor have to be split to change the seal? All helpful ideas would be appreciated. Been a long time since I have done that job. Bad part is that the tractor has already been painted and will probably have to redo some of the paint. Thanks...
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    very noisy front coupling 3010

    My friend has restored a 3010 gas and the front coupling that drives the hyd. pump is extreme noisy. I have heard they make some noise as normal but this one really rattles. The bolts are all tight. What to do to fix it?? Thanks
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    3010 Rear Main Seal still leaking Help

    Helped a friend split a 3010 gas and put in a rear main seal and clutch. All back together and seal still leaking as bad as before repair. Installed the new sleeve on end of crankshaft seal rides on. Lip of seal towards engine. Any help to figure out what the problem is would be great. Thanks.

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