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  1. Gambles

    Gravity feed for Fuel Injection?

    When I was a dealership tech, they had this attachment to clean your fuel injectors. The fuel pump was disabled and the car would run only on the injector cleaning additives. The machine kinda looked like an IV that you see hooked up to a hospital patient…except it was hooked to your car. Took...
  2. Gambles

    Help with Kewanee disc bearing replacement

    Just a follow up on this post. My coworker is somewhat…how do I say this…TIGHT. He took the Kewanee assembly off and tried to press it off without my help. There were some snap rings in there holding the assembly together that he did not see. The bearings then shattered. So what does he do then...
  3. Gambles

    Massey Harris specialty parts

    Perhaps you should specify exactly what model you own. Some Massey parts are easy to find. Other items, such as 44 engine parts, can get interesting to source.
  4. Gambles

    Alvin 41 How to Fuel LP

    Tom in Mo has it right. My local propane supplier put a valve and a hose in my 1000 gallon propane tank right before he sold the business. So now I can fill a propane tractor or the small propane containers at will. Years ago, I was the tech at a factory that had about 20 propane powered...
  5. Gambles

    Oliver 70s

    I wouldn’t do it myself, but I’m surprised you didn’t make it a dual exhaust….
  6. Gambles

    Good Safe Water Bottle

    About a year ago, I won a Yeti drink can insulator as a door prize, better known as a Koozie. (Lord knows I wouldn’t buy that overpriced brand) I just looked at the fine print on it. Don’t know about the Yeti water dispensers, but my Yeti Koozie says it’s made in China. (shrugs)
  7. Gambles

    Oil Additive for Sticking Engine Valve?

    Exact what are you adding or recommending here?
  8. Gambles

    Oliver 70s

    Sherry has the Oliver 70 featured this month? I've been so busy, I haven't seen the article yet. The "Oliver 70" subject comes up every so often on this site. I've got several other Olivers that have more value (see my profile photo), but the Oliver 70 is probably my favorite. I grew up with JD...
  9. Gambles

    Odd balls and collecting

    C'mon, tell us the make/model/brand and I bet somebody here will know about it or even have some photos or info. (Edit: perhaps you just did) That being said, I've been known to collect some rarities or seldom-seen specimens. But since you are just starting out with this disease, remember one...
  10. Gambles

    2003 ESCAPE ,, My rolling Tool Box has a miss

    My daughter just (as of two weeks ago) retired her 2003 Escape. She bought anew Subaru to replace it. Hers had 200K+ miles on it, ran good, but “just wanted something better”. Removing the intake to get to the back three plugs is cheap and easy. Replacing the alternator takes a little bit more...
  11. Gambles

    Delco generator

    Yea, I've got one. Years ago, I was in the basement of an old, deserted house that a coworker was using for storage. I saw one and asked him if he would part with it. He had no idea what it was, so I got it for a song. I'm still curious what happened to all the goodies that my local shop had...
  12. Gambles

    Delco generator

    I can do most of my repairs, but sometimes a generator shop is needed just to get the info or data needed for a repair. For example: A couple of years ago, I took a Delco alternator off of a tractor and I needed to put on a period-correct generator. I managed to find a correct generator from a...
  13. Gambles

    Homelite generator

    That sounds like an older generator that was probably made in North America, unlike the ones you buy new nowadays. It probably also has less electronics to go wrong, compared to something you buy currently. Unfortunately, at least in my area, most people wouldn't want it. It's probably loud...
  14. Gambles

    Engine Water Block Rust - 1952 Farmall Super A

    That has a fair amount of build up. From previous experience, coolant flushes might do some cleanup, but COULD also make the water pump leak or put pin holes in the radiator. I once bought a neglected '69 Chevy II that had a lot of coolant scale in it and a mild flush ate through the thermostat...
  15. Gambles

    Lisle torx bits.

    The Lisle Torx bits that I have used have all been American-made, but I would not consider them top-of-the-line quality. I've broke several of them and they weren't being abused, either. (Somewhere, there's Lincoln Continental owner that has a broken Lisle Torx bit in a rear brake caliber bolt...
  16. Gambles

    1650 cockshutt filters and main engine clutch

    This filter sits behind the engine and somewhat on top of the clutch area, right? I will say that the PH8A filter will screw on. Is it what the book calls for? No. Your hydraulic filter may have much different specs than your PH8A filter and the only similarity of the two filters might be the...
  17. Gambles

    Source for Oliver 550 parts

    As noted, the drawbar was an option, so factory original drawbars can bring some good money. Several years ago, somebody was making an aftermarket drawbar, but it wasn’t exactly like factory. I’ll see if I can find the source when I get a few minutes.
  18. Gambles

    Napa Gold oil filter

    Just a little FYI here enlighten your day...or maybe it won't. As most of you know, the majority of NAPA filters have been just rebadged and repainted Wix filters. And in the past, I've never really had a problem with Wix filters. As far as removing the contaminants from the oil, they were...
  19. Gambles

    Oil filter for 1935 Oliver Hart Parr 18-27

    Thanks for your post. Once I change oil, I will see what is currently in there, but I suspect I will just be grabbing the old paper NAPA dimension catalog from 2001 and finding something that will fit. I just wanted something on hand so that I didn't have to have it inoperable for awhile. The...
  20. Gambles

    Alternator Confusion, Positive Ground

    I realize that the tractor is not yours and you don't have a dog in this fight, so to speak. But if the tractor was mine (and it is not, obviously), it would have been money well spent to just convert it to negative ground originally and be done with it. While the positive-ground alternators are...

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