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    Case corn picker

    Email sent.
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    1200 TK Needs a Home

    Thought I had your email in my phone and laptop but not finding it. I can text you some pictures and info or I can call you tomorrow.
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    1200 TK Needs a Home

    If there is any interest out there for a 1200TK, please email me and I can give you the owners number for details. Located in western South Dakota. Should run but hasn't been started in some time. Antifreeze in the oil. Mechanically good otherwise. Bareback, 6 spd. Comes with a dozer. Cheap...
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    Re: Case 540c airplane tug

    You might want to ask your questions down farther on the Case and David Brown forum and you'll get lots of willing expert advice there. Not to say someone here won't chime in...
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    Female quick disconnet fittings on Case Series 830 model

    On a modern Pioneer coupler, you just shove the male end in and the female end backs off to allow connection. On an older Case, grab the hose behind the female coupler and pull the coupler guts out towards you before you push the male end in. Hope this helps. On a side note, remember that if...
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    Old Car - Make and Model

    Wife's relatives. We're guessing a wedding picture from 1929. Any ideas on the Make and Model of the car? Just curious if it could be identified. Thanks
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    Cast iron eagle

    $8,000 to $12,000 will catch most of them on public auctions in the past few years. The idea of someone paying 20 or 25 thousand anymore is pretty scant. Public auction gives you a pretty good feel for their worth. Private sale you should do better but whatever two people agree to.
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    Case dealer ad from 1953

    Hey Don, don't have your dealer list handy. Here's a couple of ad trinkets with dealer names on them. Don't know if you already have them or not. Older-ish dealers judging by the phone numbers.
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    275 case magnum flashers not working

    Poor ground wire connections.??? Happens on their combines all the time.
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    700 or 730 ?

    30 series had the long black stripe. B series did not.
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    Dealer for don

    The way I read that is it's FROM J.I.Case (the Racine box is checked) and shipped TO Oliver Sales and Service in Cornelius.
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    The Big 150!!

    Gotta watch those dates. They advertise the James Valley Show is always the weekend after Labor Day. I consider the weekend to be Saturday and Sunday. Didn't think anything of it and traveled out there on Sunday to NOT see it in action. They pull the plows only on FRIDAY and Saturday, even...
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    Corn shelter research

    As you can see, the address is printed as 308, 310 and 312 Third Ave. instead of 622 3rd St. as you stated. Maybe they moved after the fire?
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    Corn shelter research

    Here's a postcard out of my paper collection. I might have a couple other pieces on the J.I.Case Implement Co. but this is the only one I could put my hands on at the moment.
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    Huber Tractor

    My Grandfather had the same tractor, the first tractor in the family. It doesn't look like much but changed farming forever. No more horses. If you've never farmed with horses, you don't have any idea what that little labor saving mechanical machine meant to the survival, growth and...
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    Update Jean Claude Marleau

    I received the scam email from Jean (not Jean but the hacker) as well. I didn't have his number to contact him to let him know so I'm glad it was brought to light here.
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    Farm Collector Mag

    I picked up an extra issue so if you don't find one locally, let me know and I'll send it to you.
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    Farm Collector Mag

    Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but congratulations to John for making the cover of Farm Collector Magazine. The 300 LP is certainly worthy of the cover. They did a nice 5 page write up on the Bird City, Kansas show that hosted the 2020 Case Expo last summer. I picked up a copy off...
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    Case PT 400 combine

    Could anyone look up the weight of a Case 400 combine with pickup attachment? I'm not near my info right now. Please and thank you.

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