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    Tim Daley passsing

    So sorry to hear of Tim's passing. Our condolences to the family.
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    Tim Daley passsing

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    Ford 850 drive coupler update

    Hello. For those that are following my previous post. I am trying to mate a 10 spline drive line to a 23 spline pinion on a 850 Ford tractor. I went back to the salvage where I got the 23 spline crown and pinion , and all I could find was a long 23 spline hollow tube connecter, it will work...
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    Ford 850

    I am in need of a crown and pinion for a 1956 Ford 850 tractor. A good 23 spline pinion is available to me, and I was wondering if anyone has ever cut the 10 spline driveshaft and welded the 23 spline to it? Thanks Ben
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    Ford 850

    Thanks, everyone for your reply's. I will make my way back to the salvage where I got the parts and see what we can come up with, the replacement crown assembly also needs changing, as the axels are fine splined and the 800s are not. I may just end up cuting the couplers as suggested, and...
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    Sherman transmission 841 powermaster

    I hope these are a bit clearer. It looks like 1.22 is the slowest.
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    Sherman transmission 841 powermaster

    I hope this helps.
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    MF 35 and rototiller, Is it slow enough?

    Here are my speed charts for a 1955 Ferguson to35 tractor and a 1950 to20 Ferguson tractor. Hope this helps.
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    The 10 Year Project

    Hi Colin. Thanks for posting your 10 year project, You and your son have done a good Job. I have been Ford tractor fan for as long as I can remember, so any time an N Ford tractor is put back in service I am happy.
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    TO35 loader

    Hi. Instead of chaining the 3pth, you might want to consider getting one of these from Yesterdays Tractor.
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    2022.09.22 "Extra" Pic X2

    I am not positive, but that sure looks like a 6 or 800 series Ford tractor painted blue and gray.
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    Howard transmission.

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    Howard transmission.

    Hi. Some of you might find these Howard transmission speed specs informative.
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    Howard transmission.

    Some of you might be interested in these Howard transmission speed specs. Though these specs are for the Ferguson tractor, I believe the Howard is the same one used on the N Ford tractors. The forward speeds on the Ferguson and the Ford 8n are nearly identical.
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    It's "done"!

    Very nice.
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    Nice tractor!

    Very Nice. Thanks for posting. I love that tread pattern for the old Ford tractor rear tires, My understanding is that tread pattern is no longer available. If that tractor were mine, I would change the tire that is on backward yet tonight (ha)
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    Ford 2n with Sherman Transmission ground speed

    Hi. This chart is for half throttle speeds from the manual, Sherman step up transmission for 9n 2n tractors, available on another site. Hope this helps.
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    Chevron Tractor Contest

    Love it. One of my favorite tractors.
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    Ford 600 Tractor (640)

    Hi I do not have any knowledge of these, but I know they do exist. If it looks like the pic I am sending, you may have a Sherman or Dearborn live pto.
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    Massey Harris 55 Western pictures

    That looks like a very impressive machine. Thanks for the pic. We never had a 55 but we had 44s and a 44special, also a Super 101. We did have neighbors that farmed with 55s as their big tractors in the 50s and early 60s, they traded up to the MF Super 90 and Mf95s or 97s in the 60s. I have...

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