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    SC FH Drawbar

    Interesting and informative replies. I'm not a contender to purchase. Just saw it on FMP and it got me wondering. Do you think it's IH or a 3rd party or owner fab?
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    SC FH Drawbar

    Anyone ever seen a drawbar setup like this. I'm curious what its purpose is/was? I'm guessing it's intended for pulling some offset implement.
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    SC Flip Seat

    Did IH produce a flip seat for SC's? If so, does anyone have the PN? Thanks in advance for replies/comments.
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    SC Flip Seat

    If anyone would have a SC compatible flip seat available I'd sure like to hear about it and discuss how a transfer would proceed.
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    100 Balanced Head Mower

    Picking the belt up tomorrow and getting a new idler pulley on Thursday. Sliding the bracket along the rail for tensioning makes sense in its simplicity. Thank to Mike, BYEngineering and others for your help.
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    100 Balanced Head Mower

    A couple of questions regarding the 100 balanced head mower. 1) How do you install/adjust the drive belt? The idler bracket isn't slotted and only has a fixed hole for the pulley. I don't see anything on the PTO pulley or head assembly pulley allowing movement to install or tension. I don't...
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    100 Balanced Head Mower

    Can't swing. The bottom of the idler bracket attaches to the mower frame with a U-bolt.
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    SC Original Colors

    What were the factory delivered colors for the generator and starter on Super C's? Thanks in advance for answers and comments.
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    Are these for a fast hitch?

    Where can a guy obtain spring clips for a SC FH?
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    Looking for Super C Weights

    Frame weights fit C, SC, 200. Not sure about 230? If you can find a pair look up current price of gold then figure 1.5X for the frame weights.
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    IH Wrenches

    Looked for T&C's and didn't see them so this may or may not be Kosher. Go to FB Markeplace and search International harvester wrenches, Antioch, IL. $30 for 6 wrenches. If they were closer they'd be mine.
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    McCormick cotton picker for free 214A, 1962

    Post this on Red Power Forum. There's a group of cotton guys over there.
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    Asking For a Friend

    A buddy of mine bought a 444 that came with an M5 Dixie brush hog and back blade. Everything is in very good shape and suits his needs. He would like to get a 3pt disk to allow him to keep a small fallow field knocked down from growing up. He's asked me to advise as he's not well versed in...
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    Super C Timing

    Thanks for the valve cover off observing the valves positions tip Dennis. I may try that if not successful otherwise. On my SC I can clearly see the VERY minute notch on the flywheel.
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    Super C Timing

    Ah yes, needs to be TDC on compression stroke. I am aware of this but forgot to mention that. The method I use is to place a small patch to TP over the plug hole and look it to be blown out.
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    Super C Timing

    Reading here and elsewhere I get the impression that TDS on my SC is when the timing mark on the forward (front of tractor) side of the flywheel is at the 6 o'clock position. This would align it with the vertical stamp mark on the inspection cover. From there with the distributor rotated such...
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    Super C rear wheel wedge bolt torque

    After examination I've answered my own question. Looks like if I take the rear wheel weights off there's ample room for a breaker bar (w/cheater needed) or an impact. A further inquiry re: this - are the wedge bolts prone to shearing when removing? I have been and will continue until removing...
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    Super C rear wheel wedge bolt torque

    I need to widen my wheels out to accommodate a finish mower I just bought. Have begun to soak the wedge nuts w/ PB Blaster, haven't tried to loosen. It doesn't look to me like I can get a 1/2 or 3/4 drive socket and breaker bar on the nuts. Am I wrong?
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    Large IHC used parts auction

    What did the Electrall bring? What type of mount was it?
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    Super C Hydraulic Pipe Fittings

    You should be good w/ hardware pipe and fittings but if you're worried McMaster-Carr can put your mind at ease. If I were to go that route I'd order stainless pipe and fittings.

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