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    Ford 3000 select o speed speed chart

    Anyone got one of these models? I am looking to replace the torn oem or the replacement that may or may not be correct. It is a 1966 vineyard or narrow model. Belgium made. Anyone know the difference between vineyard and narrow?
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    Ford 3000 selectospeed wont disengage

    coupler on splined shaft, try rocking back and forth to take the tension off.
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    Ford 3000 leaking gas

    fan belt rubbed through fuel line on my brothers
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    Chevy/GMC tailgate Random Drop

    Update, still performing well, no random drops/
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    640 hydraulic loses hydraulic prime

    Had a similar problem with a poorly fitting oil seal. The seal went in tight, but was loose in the "home seated" position. Put some loctite red to bed it in. That was 4 years ago, still fixed.
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    Farmall M w/loader, what hydraulic oil?

    Thank you all for the affirmation.
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    Help identifying 3000 narrow

    I am interested in buying your shoes.
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    Farmall M w/loader, what hydraulic oil?

    SIL has a M with loader. Father said to use 10W non detergent oil. Very difficult to find. I am a Ford guy, any recommendations?
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    Help identifying 3000 narrow

    I ordered parts from this website yesterday, so now I wait. Thank you all for responding.
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    Help identifying 3000 narrow

    Only two lines on mine, and I transcribed those above. There's a battery cutoff blocking, I will remove and take a photo. Originally I thought it was a 2000, but it has square axles, covered draft spring.
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    Help identifying 3000 narrow

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    Help identifying 3000 narrow

    I have a 3000 that needs brakes. Two 1.5" brakes are listed depending on year. The serial number on the rt side are BO26 and A127-031. It is Belgium narrow machine with SOS. Left side under the hydraulic pump is 74-01. Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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    5000 SOS update

    So what was out of order with the charging circuit?
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    5000 SOS update

    no narcotic like success
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    Ford 861 and TSX 769 Carb Issue

    You say you have spark, but I am betting it is weak. Hot restart is condenser or coil. Poor starting can be old gas, particularly if ethanol adulterated fuel. Drain plug at bottom of carb. Starting fluid lights off with poor spark.
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    Ford Dozer blade

    I have one on a 3000 gas. Not terribly robust, this one has had a hard life. Check for cracks everywhere. Okay for snow or manure, not meant for dirt.
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    Radiator Repair

    Do very little to the outside, wash with garden hose to lose mud and dirt. Inside rinse and flush upside down and right side up. I clamped a rubber glove to allow leak test. I used a mammoth electric soldering iron to repair the side of one tube. Used jeweler's pliers to crimp edge. Tinned...
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    Chevy/GMC tailgate Random Drop

    The disassembly, clean and lube with dielectric grease seems to have "done the trick". Had a fair bit of rain and no random triggers.
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    Chevy/GMC tailgate Random Drop

    Half of 1 side frame member disappeared on my 11 silverado. Do you know the difference between a chevrolet and a gmc? About $5000
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    Chevy/GMC tailgate Random Drop

    My GMC 2021 has dropped the tailgate twice, and there is a recall.... but my vin was not in the recall. I took the inside plastic tailgate cover off and inspected the switch. Pretty much like the keyfob of 20 years ago, gold grid which is activated with a carbon wafer. I cleaned it up, applied...

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