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    Oliver XO-121 tribute tractor getting closer

    Nice Work. I admire Your Dedication.
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    Super 77 Rescue

    I will soon be Employing a Grinder and Zip Disks to Peel that Loader Free. Peel all the Sheetmetal and get some Tires that Hold Air under it next. Quite Busy with Acreage stuff but can't seem to leave it alone!
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    Super 77 Rescue

    Just Wanted to Share a Recent Adventure of mine with the Crew. A few Weeks back I was enlightened as to just how Rare a Super 77 Standard was, Thanks to few Knowledgeable Fellas on the Forum. That got Me to thinking about a Tractor that was shown to Me some 12ish Yeras ago, and Unobtainable at...
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    Oliver pto parts

    Hey Tom, Being You mentioned that You have a Super 77, do You by Chance have a Set of Engine Side Panels for a Super 77? I just Unearthed a Bruised and Battered Super 77 Standard, and unsurprisingly, all Panels missing except the Right Rear. Thanks.
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    Super 88 Help

    Thank You! Some solid Information to go on now. Seems to Me the majority of the Hydraulic Units I have put Together for My Fleetlines were pilfered from Dismantled 770's and 880's which explains why I haven't come across the Short Levers before.
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    Super 88 Help

    So, a Super 88 came home with Me last Weekend and I am in need of a few Parts. Apparently, this Tractor was Running last Fall, though I have not attempted to Start it yet. Where does one acquire the Curved Hose between the Air Cleaner and the Carb, and what is the Part Number? Next is the...
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    Oliver 99 info ?

    513106-513855 is the Serial Number run for 1947.
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    Oliver ID help request

    What Year did the Larger Battery Cover Start in the Super Series?
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    Oliver identification

    To add another Element of Confusion, I believe that is a Drawbar from a 770 too.
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    Oliver 77 12 volt regulator and electric power steering

    Thanks. As I suspected things are a little Cozy with the Belt Pulley. I may try a different Style of EPS as there are a few Units that will apparently Work with only Three Wires in Fail-Safe Mode.
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    Oliver 77 12 volt regulator and electric power steering

    I was soon to do the same Modification on My Standard. How much Room did You have for the EPS? Does Yours have a Belt Pulley? Wouldn't mind seeing a Picture of the Install.
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    Super Series Production Numbers

    Nope, it was not I. You still have that Super 77? Where are You Located?
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    Super Series Production Numbers

    Thanks for the information. That explains why I have been having such a hard Time finding a Super 77 Standard!
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    Super Series Production Numbers

    Thanks for the Numbers Kirk. Given that Information I do Think I need to Hunt Down the Super 77 that I knew of some 12 Years ago and try and Pry it Loose from the Fella that Acquired it. Last Word was it hadn't Ran in 30 Years. Over the Weekend I Purchased a '49 66 Standard and a Super 88 Gas...
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    Super Series Production Numbers

    I take it that You are in Canada? I am in Saskatchewan and I do Believe that the Super 77 Standards are Quite Rare indeed. I have a '52 Disc Brake 77 Fleetline of which there was apparently only 765 Made. I suspect that there may not have been many more than that made of the Super's. Yes, i am...
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    Super Series Production Numbers

    Just wondering if there has ever been any definitive Production Numbers for Super 77's and Super 88 Standards? I realize the Serial Number Run was interspersed with every Model from the Super 55 right through to the Super 88, but one would Hope that there was some Records Kept?
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    1600 Oliver

    You will find the Specs on
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    Re: Fleetline changes

    To the best of My Knowledge the Larger Pedals came in '52 as I have an Original "52 77 and 88 with large Pedals on both. Any '51's i have seen are equipped with Small Pedals.
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    Anyone need a 550 starter weight?

    That Poor Tractor looks like it has been Sitting for Forever and a Day!

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