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    Graduated CMC Production specialist today !

    Last day of CNC .Gave the instructor some cash and a homemade card .Wrapped up about 1500 dollars worth of parts I made. Cleaned the shop said our good byes .School is coming out with an advanced class. To include EDM and 2 million in more equipment Florida has money for Education . My days are...
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    Downloading photos

    I am having some trouble with eBay photos I took pics and placed the card into the computer to download no action with pics So I tried a new card ,no luck ,Tried a new used camera ,, no luck So concluding something changed in my computer not allowing the computer to identify the card thing ...
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    Problems with auto parts stores

    Rock auto easy
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    Electrical Question

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    Chicken or the egg. Machine tools

    It is all explained in The Smithsonian Museum .A man standing on a plank was dragged across the casting to flatten it down . The plank had a blade sticking through and the man put pressure on the blade The man surfing the plank was highly skilled at shaving the casting. Lathe came into use from...
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    VFD vs rotary phase converter

    The VFD is silent The phase converter not so much .This is a major factor if you listen to music whilst working { the VFD is a pleasure}
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    How to prevent cast iron carburetor flash rust/internal

    Check out Eastwood Cast Iron gray paint.
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    sealing a cracked block

    Moroso ceramic engine sealer
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    Fusion 360 CAD design software

    In my CNC class I have to learn a software called Fusion 360 . I am having trouble so I hired an online tutor. I have three weeks to learn this .The beauty of this software is it will write the entire G code program to cut the part and choose tooling and toolholder positions . It is an...
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    Braze it or weld it?

    It could easily be brazed I might use Ni-Rod
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    Know your nuts...

    Anybody remember Gardner-Wescotts Diamond X Nuts > strictly decorative .
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    Plasma Cutter???

    Cut on CNC plasma table
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    listening to a radio while working

    I actually am set up to listen to records on a turntable . In my shop.
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    We Used To .....

    The FCC allowed 5000 watts radio and the Wolfman transmitted from Mexico at 50,000 watts You could hear him in Canada ! The filaments on the headlights in the parking lot would glow and everyone got headaches a lot.
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    electric tape

    When I worked with the Swedes from ABB cable company They had Swedish high quality tapes No 3m The outer finish was glossy black They were very good tapes. The splices on that cable were over a foot in diameter as it fed Bayonne to Brooklyn . I showed them Swedish fish and they laughed .
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    Made some chips

    Just by the pic you can tell Made in USA !
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    electric tape

    The best tape is 3M super 33 or super 88 . Probably one of the most flexible also. { Dave the High voltage splicer master of tapes.
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    BIG tool...

    Strength of wood is listed in engineering handbooks. Could be calculated for strength .
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    Need source for die handle

    Tim, Thank You Perfect already ordered one !

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