1927 15-30 Deering McCormick tractor restoration

Corn Borer

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This is the corn borer reporting that after nearly 4 years I’m nearly done with the restoration of my Dads 1927 15-30 Deering McCormick. I have only the fenders and the hood to prime and paint and install 😁! After using a drill with wire brush I removed all the old paint and primer from the frame and small parts. I used a sand blaster fir the final removals. During the entire process I did not encounter one fleck of red or gray paint on any of the frame or other tractor parts. The entire tractor had a green primer and originally bright orange paint. Every square inch of the tractor was painted orange 🍊!! Along the lower part of the block there was orange paint that had run down the block when originally painted. I took photos of all my work . Why was this tractor painted orange?? On the side of the hood it reads

THIS TRACTOR HAD TURF TIRES ON IT BOTH FRONT AND BACK WHEN MY DAD OWNED IT. He used it to pull a three bottom plow and pony drill. Also used it on the threshing machine . Would like some answers from all interested
Hello Corn Borer, welcome back! Interesting story. I have nothing to add other than to thank you for preserving this piece of history. For those of you that find it to hard to look at his profile and click the number by “Messages” to view his other post here is a link to it.

Aug. 23, 2019 post

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