1964 2000 4cyl gas hyd lift question


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New member here got a problem with my 3 pt lift. When I pull the handle back to raise the 3 pt. The last couple of inches on lever movement is really stiff. I hope I explain this right running my brush hog lever is about 2/3rd's up of it travel. Go to raise the mower, last couple of inches really stiff to get to full up. Now if I cycle the lever full down and back up it moves freely. Just for that one instance if I lower the mower for another round in the pasture same problem. And then on the way home with the lever full up mower was creeping down but if I just jiggled the lever it went back up. I don't see any change in how it lifts not struggling or slow plus this tractor has a hyd remote I modified a hyd cylinder to use as my top link
Thanks for any feedback
sounds like something in the the internal linkage between the handle and the control valve is worn and/or out of adjustment. Probably the cam follower pin. It will require pulling the top cover and replacing any worn parts and then following the adjustment procedures in the Service Manual. Not a hard job, other than the top cover being a bit heavy for one person. Get a helper or an overhead hoist of some type and you should be fine.
There is a detailed video about repairing these on YouTube by Rachel Gingell, I won't link it because I'm not sure if I'm allowed but search for "Repair Ford Hydraulics: Lift and Draft Control" and she kind of goes over renovating the whole linkage. I found it very helpful.
Thanks for the info guy's that's kind of what I was thinking to. Have watched a few youtube vids on the repair other than being big and heavy shouldn't be to bad.
thanks again

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