4230 question


There is a 4230 quad range going on a sale this week in Iowa it has rear end problems. The guy said the owner had started it in gear(dumb idea) and it went up against a tree before it stopped. I am in Wyoming so I can't look at it any probable things? Do you think it is in the rear end like ring and pinion or in the quad? He said it rolls fine won't move in gear. The tractor runs good. 7800 hours very clean lots of rear weights a spray tank on front and h/ac clean cab. What is the value considering the questionable problem? I am experienced with the quad range as all of my tractors have the ps tranny. Thanks

My guess is traction clutch or hyd hi-lo has failed not differential gears. If my guess is correct tractor would require splitting between engine & clutch housing to repair. I suggest to check traction clutch & hyd hi-lo pressures.
What do you think the value is? I don't
mind splitting that's not too hard. How
much would it cost parts wise? Thanks
Probable only worth salvage value. Sounds like it has a lot of good parts on it that might drive up the salvage value. Lots of rear weights could mean it has been pulled very hard, had a turbo charger added, or was used for loader work.

Field ready 4230s with cabs can be found for $12-$18K. This tractor will have a lot of unknown expenses to deal with:
Shipping 600 to 1000 miles at $4+ per mile.
45 plus year old engine in ? condition.
Unknown drive train problems.

Even if you can supply your own labor, I would not value your labor at $Zero per hour.

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