8011L engine temperature running too cold

One Sock

Old mechanical coolant temp gauge was not working. Installed a new one. Engine temp is not getting above 140F while driving around. Thought maybe someone took out the thermostat... no, there's one in there. Ordered a new one anyway. Flushed out the radiator and engine block, put in new coolant, new thermostat, new radiator cap. Temp still stays at 140. Checked the temp probe in a pot of hot water; gauge read 180. Weird...
Morning: I am not familiar with your tractor/engine itself, but in general thought
could there be an air pocket in the system or near the probe itself? is the new probe the same length as the original? and i wonder if you were to block off the rad air flow
would the engine temp rise[ it should] but the gauge still shows 140?, any chance you can get a multimeter temp probe on the engine near the probe site for a check as to what it is sensing?
hope it helps

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