Allis b hydraulic pump operation of control valve


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I have an Allis b with hydraulic pump I removed the pump and took it apart to see why it didn’t work, found the ball under the relief valve mis sing replaced it and the pump work’s extremely well to lift but it will not lower, when lever is in down position I would assume the control valve relaxes on the back of the detent and the oil drains back to diff, I have 3 holes in the control valve plate 2 across from each other and 1 90 degrees to them, I tried to move plate but it doesn’t move and i can see the end of the pin in one hole nothing in the other two just wondering if anyone knows anything about where the contro valve plate is positioned on control valve I am guessing the valve is not going back far enough
I have a ca similar but different. Best to get a manual, there is quite a few adjustments. depends on implement and hitch too.
This is a very good video the problem with it is it is rebuilding the pump it does not show the control shaft locat on the control plate so on my control plate there is 3 holes and all it needs for the pin to go through is 2 (180 degrees apart) this pump didn’t work I removed it took it apart cleaned it found it was missing the relief valve ball put it back together and it works fine to lift cylinder but will not lower looking at manual the only adjustment is the thumb screw to set the speed of the release.I adjust the release by hand you can move the plate 30 degrees and no release I know i am not the only one that has had this problem some people on these forum know as much about them as the engineer that designed the pump,in looking at videos,the pump and the manual I can’t see how the pressure is released and the oil path back to differential

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