Anyone know what these are?


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I think these are top links, but i have never seen ones like this.


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If those are what they look like to me, you have something as rare as hen's teeth. They look like draft sensing center links for a David Brown and Oliver 500 or 600. I have one for my 600, but the ones for my 500s are long gone. I'd need a little more detailed picture. Are there two flat plates on there with notches in them? Looks like I can see one in the picture of the gray one. If so, that's where the draft cable hooks to them.
I just looked at the one on my Oliver 600. I'm pretty sure that's what you have. Those arms to turn it on mine don't have those knobs, but I think mine are fabricated and yours are cast. The one on the left looks shorter, like it's for a 500. The right one is longer like my 600. Are they for sale?

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