Best Way to Paint FORD Script on Hood & Not Mess Up

Hobby Lobby is a good place to buy artist brushes. I bought a flat 3/16 wide brush. I used the thin edge for fine lines and the flat for filling. Having a light available that can be moved around helps the raised script stand out better.
I did it free hand in my living room with the panel horizontal. As others have posted you need a brush that comes to a point. The paint needs to be slightly thick. You have to put a little in a small container and let it evaporate a little, so that the brush marks will still flow, but yet it is thick enough that the paint will stay where you put it.
I did post this in the Paint & Bodywork Section, but since this is Ford specific, thought I'd drop it here since most of you are probably well-versed in what to do in this situation.

What is the best method to paint the raised FORD script on the hood without messing up my paint job? I have a few ideas on what to do, but I'm scared I'll mess up my paint job. haha. I don't want to use decals and want to paint it.

I want the best way to paint the red on there and it look full and glossy against the Medium Ford Gray? My fenders don't have the script letters but I do want to either paint or decal those I think. Just worried about the Hood for now.



There is also little handheld sponge-like device that has been used too. The best trctor script logos I've sen aheallbeen had-painted on. I have neither the patience nor a steady hand to even attempt that. I put the vinyl adhesive decals on my 8N and it they look OK at 10 yards despite that they do not quite align with the metal fender quite right.

Tim Daley (MI)

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