Bolens G192 / Iseki TS1910 PTO differences


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I have a Bolens G192 ( Iseki TS1910 ) that the PTO stopped working on. It would turn, but you could stop it by hand. I tore it down and found the PTO shaft in the bottom of the case had a coupling with bearings damaged inside. The only manuals I have or can find are for the TS1910. There in lies my problem. The TS1910 has a 4-speed PTO (2 shift forks & 2 sets of gears), but the Bolens G192 version is a 2-speed PTO (1 shift Fork & 1 set of gears). Since there is only one set of gears, the G192 has a coupling in place of the 2nd gear set. The PTO shaft (bottom) is split into 2 sections, and on mine only the front section from the trans was turning. Coming out of the coupling nothing is turning. Is disassembled the coupling and found the 3 of the 4 bearings in it destroyed. I can't find part numbers or even a diagram of the 2speed version, so I can't get a part number for the coupling. I am just going to measure and replace the bearings and it will work. But has anyone ever seen this? I even took photos & Google Lens can't sind a similar image that matches the part. I'm attaching photos to this post. Thanks!


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Update...I could not find the exact sprag bearing to go in the clutch anywhere. I ended up welding the clutch pieces together so it was just one solid shaft all the way through. Then I bought an external overrun clutch from TSC and attached it to the output shaft. Works perfectly!

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