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In addition to the older tractors, does anyone have an opinion on a new, Branson tractor?
TIA - My daughter's fiance is looking at a 25 hp and asked my opinion so I came to the braintrust!!!
I don't know what quality those tractors are, but what I can tell you is over the past several years there have been many dealers in my area that carried them for a year or two and drop them for another brand.
I remember looking at them several years ago and was fairly impressed however the couple dealers I went to I was not impressed with at all. The one had very limited knowledge on them. The other dealer didn't seem to even give me the time of day. Didn't seem like he was interested in selling anything. That left kind of bad taste in my mouth towards the tractors. They may be a good tractor,but if you don't have any kind of support after you write that big check that scares me! Interesting enough both places don't carry Branson tractors anymore.
Theres a Branson dealer about 60 miles east of me and Ive just recently heard a Branson or Montana dealer is coming to my town to move in the old New Holland dealership that left town. Was wondering if Branson and Montana are virtually the same tractors ?
jim, id worry about service and parts support. i think he would be better off looking at a kubota. or.a nice deere for a wedding present from the father of the bride!
Like glennster said JD or Kubota. We own a JD 3025 for 3 years now and have been very happy with it and our dealer is 15 minutes away and has good service.
The Branson tractors are not cheap, although less than Kubota. I would recommend Kubota, don't worry about parts, there are plenty available on the internet. IMO Kubota dealers around me are on par with JD dealers, if not better. My experience with JD dealers, is they tend to get very busy at planting and harvest time and don't have much to do for the person that buys a compact tractor. My recommended order is Kubota, New Holland, Mahindra, JD/Yanmar.
I thought that when they first came out they were somehow associated with JB Hunt. This is copied from their web site

Branson Tractor was founded in the US in 1998 as a tractor distribution company. Kukje Machinery in South Korea is their parent company and has been in business since 1968. Branson Tractor now has 165 dealerships in the United States and Canada.
Branson Tractors has three warehouses. The Rome, Georgia location not only has a warehouse, assembly and distribution center, it is also the Corporate Office. Another warehouse, assembly and distribution center is located in Tyler, Texas and Tigard, Oregon.
Branson Tractors has tractors ranging in horsepower from 22 to 58. The 05 series has the 2205h tractor with 21.6 horsepower and the 2505h tractor with 24 horsepower. The 00 series tractors have 2 models available with manual transmission or hydrostatic transmission. The 10 series has the 2610h model available with hydrostatic transmission and a 3 range shift. This tractor has 24 horsepower. The 15 series has 12 models available in manual and hydrostatic transmission with 25, 30, 35, 42, and 48 horsepower. Their 20 series tractors have 10 models with 4 range transmission with a choice of manual or hydromax HST, and ROPs or CAB available with air conditioned and heated cabs. The 35 series has the 5835R model with Electronic draft control for the 3 pt lift. Each model has a loader and backhoe available as well.
I would discourage him Jim. Had a neighbor buy a Kioti tractor 20 years ago. It was a cute little rig. Looked like a Kubota. I know their situation has changed since then but at that time he had a horrible time getting parts and finally tracked down the company rep and he was from North Carolina. He got it fixed and traded it! If you cant get parts or service its not a good deal.
Hate to say this but 10k doesnt get you much of a wedding anymore. My wife ran the tab up to 15k and that was with 100 guests in attendance. No open bar either after cocktail hour. The year was 1999.

Yer right Vito !
Started her off at a $20,000 budget and will see how that holds up ??

Glennster - Do you want to chime in ?
We looked at Branson, LS , Kubota, and Deere. Bought a Massey Ferguson. 1.7 hours on the meter later, we still love it. Lol. Came down to what we liked and didn't like about each one. Branson got crossed off first ......
On the old ones I have a 2007 6530C I bought new. Then in 2016 a new 2400. Just talked my neighbor into a new 4815C which he really likes........I have Fords for older tractors, down to 2 now, 3000 and 3910.
I knocked out the RT. side door glass running a drum mower. Had a replacement in less than a week. Years later the damage was the right rear glass...had a replacement in less than a week. Got careless and through my neglegence messed up my front end. Had a hand full of parts in about a week, all were stocked in either Plainview, Tx. or Rome, Ga. Did all the work myself with the aid of the Service Manual.
No sir if anything in today's market the other way around. When I bought my 2400 a comparable 24 hp TYM was sitting adjacent
to it in the dealer's lot which I checked out while he was working up my invoice, with him selling both brands. I went to buy the
Branson and left with it.

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