Case 1000 terratrac trouble starting runs on either till hot.

Maybe I'm ignorant, but what do you mean by, 'energy coils'? The 1000's used the Continental 382 I believe. Are you referring to glow plugs? Unless I'm totally misremembering, those engines didn't have glow plugs. Are you referring to the injectors? I know I pulled mine out of my Massey 555 with the same engine. Can't remember what I used to pull them out once unbolted - probably a slide hammer with some sort of home-fab'd end on it. Can't have been too difficult or I would have remembered it.

Those engines had an 'energy cell', but that was a design feature of the cylinder head geometry (also called a Lanova combustion chamber), not a specific part.

If it's the glow plugs you're referring to, even if it has them, it shouldn't require them for very long. If you're having to run on ether until it's hot, sounds like either an injection pump issue (those Bosch PSB pumps could wear out over time) or just general engine wear. Or bad fuel: Diesel goes bad pretty fast these days due to the 'diesel bug' (a bacteria that feasts on the hydrocarbons in modern diesel fuels), and it loses its potency once the bug has been growing in the fuel.
*I have to correct something I said in my last reply: The Terratrac's used the same Continental 382 engine as the Massey 55 & 555 tractors, but used the Roosa-Master injection pumps (unlike the Masseys, which used Bosch). Probably a good thing i your case, as those Bosch's are just about impossible to find rebuilt parts for.
The energy cell and components, items 8,9,10, and 11, can be removed and the carbon deposits cleaned from them. I fabricated a puller and I will have to check to see what thread size I used.


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