Claas 228 Combine with Tracks

Does anyone know if there are any of the older green Claas 228 Combines that had the Factor Full Length Tracks, if anyone would know of one. Please let Me Know Thanks
There are two Claas Commandor 228's on tracks for sale right now on Tractorhouse. They are in MI I think and both look like 'project' combines.
Dear Sir: We have a claas on tracks like yours have had steering issues, would love to talk to you about these machines, Please email [email protected] or Text 574-274-5579 Thanks
I discovered on my machine that the issue was in the steering gearbox under the cab. You will def. want to check that out. Sometimes I would get steering one direction and not the other. When the wheel returned to middle position, the machine was always in a constant steer. You could use the trim to help straighten it out, but as soon as you moved the wheel, it was all out of sync again.

The steering shaft goes thru the floor and connects to a small gear box via a small coupler. The gearbox then connects to the steering potentiometer via a larger coupler. One of the set screws on one of the couplers rusted and snapped, which allowed the shaft to spin inside the coupler. I replaced both couplers while I had it apart. The smaller coupler, I found an exact match from an industrial supply place. The other I could not source, so I had one made. The enclosure that houses the steering components is a bit of a pain to remove. The way it's constructed makes very little sense. The gearbox is mounted to one side and the potentiometer is mounted to the bottom. You pretty much have to remove the entire thing before you can take it apart. You can see that before I mounted it back, I cut some of the side plates so that I could mount the box and still have visual access inside. This allows me to verify the shafts were secured tightly in the couplers. I now have really good steering. It tracks almost perfectly forward and back. One of my drive motors has been replaced and I believe that is causing a very slight difference in drag between left and right but overall I am trilled I was able find a remedy.

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