cnh lays off

CNH recently purchased a sprayer manufacturer in my county up here in WI.
The place was making equipment for New Holland for a few years already.

I tried to pay attention to it since the factory I work at sends lots of parts to them. If CNH would have brought there suppliers in with the deal, our plant could have lost a large customer.
Thankfully that didn't happen and we still have Miller.
CHN buys Miller of St. Nazianz
Not surprising, farm prices went down so farmers will buy less new equipment, when prices go up they buy more new equipment.
Yep..... Unfortunately I am one of them.... :( Finish my cotton picker run and then train the next guy to take my job. Crazy....
Boy this sure doesn't get the responses as when somebody posts something about John Deere . My buddy is out of a job do to CNh closing an 80 year old dealer the mega dealer in the area was all set up to buy em out and then said nope we don't want it.

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