Duetz dx140 fuel air bleed


New User
I got a Deutz dx140 tractor and I got it too close to empty and that got an air bubble in it. The question is how do I get the injectors primed again. I'm not sure if my primer pump that you pump by hand is good cuz it doesn't seem like it's doing anything. Someone mentioned something about you have to put fuel into the injector pump in a plug or something?? Where is that plug.
It should be an inline Bosch pump with a fuel supply line coming from the filter to a banjo fitting on one end of the pump and the return line on the other end. The return banjo bolt probably has a bleed screw in it. Crack that bleed screw, pump the hand primer until air free fuel is present. If it still won't start at that point crack a few injector lines at the injectors and bleed them out.

do NOT use starting fluid. Deutz head bolts do not tolerate that.

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