FMD wanting to heat up


I have a fordson Major witch I've had probably 10 years now.Seems as of late when I start it it is heating up by the gauge when it is running. I noticed it last time and topped up the rad with anti freeze. It did it again today, heating up, that is. Thermostat sticking? Or an other possibility? Thankyou.
It doesn't heat right up. The needle goes up past half way but the tractor isn't running very hard or for very long. I noticed it a few years ago when plowing that it would heat up a bit at a certain point in the round but then come back to normal at the end of the field only to do it again next round. I've read here that they can be run without the thermostat?
They can be run without the thermostat, but it isn't advisable, You engine needs to operate in the 180-196 range to be efficient. Lack of heat will allow condensation to build up in the crankcase also, more apt to have sludge buildup also. What do you consider heating up to be? If you think the thermostat is sticking, change it, they aren't that expensive.
Thanks for the reply's. I have a few things I could order for this old girl, a thermostat wouldn't hurt.
There is a problem with putting in a modern thermostat, the original design shut off the bypass when it opened so all the water went through the radiator, the modern thermostats do not have that ability.

Try giving the radiator a thorough flush through and make sure the radiator fins are clean. The early radiators had fins close together and these can easily block up.

Is she blowing water out of the radiator or are you just seeing the gauge go up?
I see the gauge go up. I will be running it in the next few days to move some bales around. The rad was flushed through a few years ago. I will blow out any blockage within the fins. I have a window screen mesh in front of the rad, like so many things around here, I use them and expect them to work properly ad infinitum.

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