Ford 5000 rear wheel weights


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I have a 1974 Ford 5000 (5100) with
standard non-adjustable 30 inch rear
rims. I am trying to find the correct
rear wheel weights. A possible
original Ford parts number could be
C7NN1A002B. I have also heard there
is a starter weight but the parts
diagram doesn't show that. I am
confused on what I need. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.
Im looking for weights for my fairly new Workmaster 75. Looking around everyone says they have comparable weights, but then they picture 3 hole or 4 hole weights, its quite a mess trying to sort it out....

The 30" non-adjustable rims do show as being an option. You have the proper part number for the weights for those wheels, C7NN1A002B. They are stackable and no starter weight is needed. They are also just about as rare as hen's teeth. They used those wheels and weights on the 3550 mostly, so if you can find a salvage yard with a 3550 you might be able to find the weights there.

My parts manual shows C7NN1A002B wheel weight being for 34 inch non power adjust rims and 38 inch rims
These weights have a mounting bolt pattern of 22 inches, I have a dozen of those weights that will not fit any of my 30 wheels or my 34 inch power adjust wheels
30 inch manual adjust wheels show a ring weight similar to those used on 28 inch wheels but with a different part number, so not the same

This style will fit 28 and 30 non PA rims.
But they are only ~ 80 lbs each so on a larger tractor you would a dozen or so (6/side) to have much effect

I was going by the current New Holland parts site parts drawing for the weights for the 30" non-adjustable wheels for the 4000, 5000 and 7000. It claims that they are C7NN1A002B:

After all this, if you still want weights, look at the link I posted above at LS206B . The last time I ordered from them shipping was free on 1000lbs or more.
I'm looking for some C7NN1A002B wheel weights for my 1968 Ford 4000 with non-adjustable wheels. Appear to use a 21-1/2 inch or 22 inch bolt spacing. Contact me if you want to sell yours. [email protected]

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