Ford 8600 restore


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Leopold Indiana
In 1975 my dad purchased a new Ford 8600, for our farm at the time, our farm has long since been gone, my Dad passed away 30 years ago, my brother ended up with the 8600, he passed away in 2017, from Alzheimers, he had rebuilt the engine around 2008, and parked it in his shed, has been sitting there ever since.

I am going to try to get it going, after sitting for 15 years, after replacing the battery, I am going to drain all fluids, fuel, radiator, injector pump hydraulic/transmission fluid , replace all fluids, along with all filters.

Having never even tried to do anything like this, I was hoping someone on here could give me some insight to anything else I should do, or check. This old tractor does have sentimental value, as a high school kid, I put the first 600 hours on it, working fields to baling hay. If I could get it running, I intend to have it painted, clean up the rust, replace the decals, and just use it occasionally for deer food plots etc.

Thank you for any and all suggestions.

Ralph Harris
My 9000 had sat for 7 years before I got it. There was a lot of rust on some hydraulic parts due to the water of condensation getting inside. It was apparently condensing on the inside of the top then dripping off at the center and down onto various parts. Your biggest challenge will be getting it hot enough for long enough, frequently enough to keep the condensation from building up in the oil. The frequency depends a lot on your climate.

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