Grease Guns Hot weather


I've had problems with my various grease guns (one Lincoln electric included) in hot weather. Happens in cold too, but very aggravating when it's hot. If you don't use the gun on a regular basis the grease will seep around the plunger and begin filling the rear of the gun, know what I mean? When the gun becomes empty and you pull the plunger back you get a varying sized glob of grease coming out the plunger hole. Maybe this has been a topic on here before, but if it has I've missed it. Anyway, what I have done to prevent this is to clamp a small vise grips on to the plunger rod after having pulled it out to where it stops against the plunger. This prevents the spring from applying pressure on the plunger and keeps the grease where it belongs. Anyone else do this or have a different or better idea? It's been in the 90°s here for the last couple of weeks and haven't had any problems with the guns.
I haven't had quite that problem but thanks for the reminder. My Lincoln is out in the sun now where I left it yesterday.

When it is anticipated that the gun will not be used for some time, relieve the pressure on the spring by pulling the handle back and locking it in the fill position.

Not really on topic, but has anyone noted the price of grease guns? $29.-35.00 for a cheapy made in China basic grease gun? I'm still making use of guns from the 1950's but they're just worn out.
I've had trouble with that red (moly?) grease get runny and leak all over the place earlier this summer. Supposed to be a good quality grease but it won't pump that way and just has to be tossed after making a mess and getting behind the plunger. I'm keeping everything down in the basement now and haven't loaded a new cartridge yet.

It was that higher priced grease sold at orscheln's. Maybe I need to go back to the plain old fashioned grease. I'll see what others have to say.
We had a local guy got in a bad batch of guns,they all did that so they got an insurance claim or somthing. Recalled about 300 of them and they hit them all with a hammer so no longer could work. My brother got them to haul to scrap,so I took some home(full of grease still) almost all of them had the plunger inside turned uppside down. Now I have a couple of good guns.Might be all yours needs, or the plunger has gotten hard.
I think camju may be on to something. It seems I may have read somewhere if you use cartrige grease, the plunger is assembled one way and for bulk filling the gun you turn the plunger arround.
That info may have been specific to only one brand of gun, can't remember for sure.

Regardless, I would flip the plunger and see if it helps. I feel your pain. Greasing equipment is a bad enough job on its own, let alone having to put up with a slobbering gun.
I have had a lot of problem with this sense they went to the plastic tubes to hold the grease.There to slippery. The paper ones where better
I bought a good pistol grip grease gun years ago and hang it on a shelf in my garage. Love it. Won't buy a lever grease gun. Too hard to work with on stubborn fittings.

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