IT followed me home can I keep it? WD45 reverse fork lift.

Don't know much about it. It has after market power steering, front mounted hyd. pump. Starts and runs good, steering is sloppy and a bear to drive till you get used to it, then its only a medium bear. Was told it was used on a sod farm around Midland Michigan and maybe made in Owasso Michigan. Anyone have any ideas? I picked it up at auction in the Thumb of Michigan.


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We had a welding and machine shop in Audubon, Iowa that did some of those conversions.

What a pain in the butt for repairs. To do brakes, they had flaps on the brake rods, that needed cut off and rewelded for brake repairs.
I have a reversed F12 reversed in a similar way. Has forks,and a dirt bucket,too.Handier than a shirt pocket. Use it at least once a week.Maybe someone here can dig up some pics.
When I purchased my MF202, it came with a set of front forks on it. Someone took the fork assembly off a regular fork lift and adapted it to the FEL. It also came with the front bucket. I forked everything I could think of before I removed the forks and put the FEL bucket back on it. But, It's nice to know that I have those forks should I have a need for them. Unfortunately the fork setup won't fit the loader on my 8N or I would have put them on it since I have the FEL on the MF202.


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