JD 300/1020 Power Steering


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Hi Everyone,
I purchased a early JD 300 last year. It was sold to me with a aftermarket pump running off a auxilary pulley installed on the alternator, and mounted above the alternator. It takes low end pressure from below the oil cooler(reverser model) and pumps into the original(1200-1700psi?) Power steering valve.
It has now failed its shaft seal again after rebuilding the new seal isn't right and the pump is unidentifiable so no seal kits i can find. I have since pulled the original pump from crankcase, and found all working gear gone and surfacing inside ruined so rebuild seems unlikely.

So my question is, since I am in Australia where I can't find a closed center valve(JD quoted 4800USD)there is very very little chance of finding one used.
My question is can I install a Hydraulic Pressure Reduction Valve to bring down the prsssure for my open center column.
They are adjustable and divert excess flow back to tank, my only concern is the valve might route excess pressure out of the system even when not opening the steering valve.
Any input would help greatly, as I am still learning alot working on the old girl.
Thanks heaps.

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