MF 245 steering valve parts diagram


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Anyone have a parts diagram for a Massey Ferguson 245 power steering valve? The one that the steering wheel bolts right up to. I don't know the year, but maybe a mid-'70s. Mine is leaking out the shaft end, now that I stopped all the other leaks. Also, is there a high end pressure I shouldn't exceed? It's running off a small cam-driven gear pump maybe at 2000 psi. steve
If the leak appears to be coming out from underneath the steering wheel all you have to do is remove the steering wheel and replace the top few parts that the -useless- AGCO parts book shows that come in a kit. No need to dis-assemble any further and you DO NOT want to do that. There is a snap ring that can be a pain but the rest is fairly straightforward. If you search the part number of the 'hand pump' assembly you should come across the instructions to replace the parts. Good Luck with it!
Thanks, #1. It's no longer in a 245, but serving it's duty on a mutt 101 Jr. The way I shoehorned it into the space, I may not be able to get to the seals without pulling the whole orbital valve. But it does look pretty straight forward once I get to the front of it, where the snap ring is. My only concern beyond that is getting the old parts out, without pulling at least the neck off, that holds the seals and what looks like a bronze bushing. I've been warned severely to not go inside of it. I will heed that if I can. steve
When I pulled mine the neck remained attached, everything came out through the top and the new parts went back in the same way. I didn't expect it to fix the leak but it did and has held since 2020. I can't remember if the bronze bushing came with the kit but I 'think' it did. What was odd to me was that the kit also fit some FORD tractors too ;-)
It looks like that kit is common to a number of unrelated tractor brands, like IH, Ford, MF and I even found Farmall mentioned. It must be that the orbital valve is one of several similar brands (Ross, TRW and Hydraglide) used by more than one tractor brand. Which hopefully means that parts will remain available for a while. steve
I do not know how many times someone has walked into the dealership with a pan of parts saying can you put this together for me You are right you do not want to pull the guts out. That is a very common valve used on lots of tractors.

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