My Uncles Tractors


My first cousins, all girls, are now ready to clear out all my uncle's old Farmall tractors and equipment. He died in the early 2000's and the tractors have not run since. The SA will turn over but will need lots of TLC to get it going again. The SC is stuck, but it does have a custom 3-point hitch. it was sheltered so I would think it would free up fairly easily. All were sheltered. These two had a full set of front and rear mounted cultivators and the fertilizer listers. None of us know for sure but we think my dad co-owned the SA with my uncle and it was used to work about 17 acres of flue cured Tobacco for a number of years. I think my grandfather bought the SA used in the early 1950's after my dad traded his A for a C and they thought they needed a one row to work the Tobacco. There was also a custom 3-point for the SA. The biggest find was my uncle's corn snapper (the location is South Georgia) but it was on a trailer loaded for scrap. It looked like all the parts were there, but it was bent and in foul shape. Then there was a 656D Hydro that I know little about. It had a single remote but there was no equipment for the big tractor. Since I have a 200, I am most interested in the SA, just for old times' sake. My dad spent many hours on that tractor in the Tobacco fields in the 1950's and 1960's. The corn snapper would bolt up on my 200 but it is going to take a lot of sheet metal work and I am not good at that. We will see. I didn't get any pictures, but I will next time when I go back to claim what I want. I have to make a deal with the girls first so I will keep you informed and if any will be put up for sale.
The gas tractors. i would take the spark plugs out and spray in some fogging oil, pretty liberally, let em sit for a week,the try to gt em to move!
Youll get them , just take your time , they will run manys years into the future. Good luck with them .
They will take work they are 70 plus years that the fun ,will be the rewards
Ask for ideas and suggestions
I'd grab that 656 Hydro diesel up. They're actually kinda rare and one heck of a handy tractor, great to put an IH all hydraulic loader on.

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