new seal on bush hog

im going to put new oil seals in the bottom of my 3108 bush hog mower , along with new blades , bolts and nuts, and also do the lower bearings , when I'm all done should I fill it with the 80/90w gear oil or should I fill it up with the corn head grease like I have on my 5' mower that has a bad seal , its been working fine like that for 5+ years filling it up each year with a couple of tubes,
IF the stump jumper comes off easily(not likely) I would replace the seals and fill with the 80/90w. When they go bad I would fill it with the grease and keep it full. If the jumper is stuck, I would add the grease and keep on going. My 307 Bush Hog has had grease in it for over 15 years with no issues.

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