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I purchased an Oliver OC-3 advertised as a 1958 with a Hercules IXA-5 engine and a Wico XH4 governor a year ago and had to deal with frozen pistons and leaky valves as starters. I did replace the carburetor with a Marvel-Schebler. The problem I have now is with an engine thet won't idle or run consistently. It will only idle at one speed and with limited range of the choke setting. The only power is that which will keep it idling. It will start instantly with the fixed throttle/chock settings. Any suggestions?
Well, it runs, so let's make sure it's fueling correctly. First thing I would do is hook up a clean small auxiliary fuel tank directly to the carb and see if anything changes.
I'll give it a shot. I did have to clean the fuel tank and maybe that is it. Can't get back until next week.

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