planter parts


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I recently purchased a 6 row nt planter at an auction. It didn't come with any plates or the adapter plates that drive the actual seed plate. There are no model #'s on the machine just ac stickers on the seed bins. The bins are rectangualar and constructed of fiberglass, it also has cable operated markers. I have seen these planters with hydrualic markers thats all the info i can give you. I can no longer find parts for my Ford planter so Im hoping to have better luck with this one. I am very new to this so any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Sounds like a 600. What does the closing wheels look like?

I would try your local Agco dealer and ask them about used or refurbished parts. My local guys do good at finding lower than new parts, both the Agco and JD.
The closing wheel is probably a 15" or 16" steel wheel with a hard rubber tire. Still sound like a 600? Thanks.

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