power steering oil JD 630

hello, i know deere USED to have that SPECIAL oil, but i thought they discontinued it,, i have been at the dealership 56 years and have not seen any for years.
AF2235R, "Specially formulated high-quality fluid for use in power steering systems of John Deere tractor models manufactured prior to 1960."

"Meets John Deere specification JDT312"

  • Can be used in closed-circulating systems in which both lubricating and hydraulic action are required
  • High-quality, load-carrying hydraulic oil
  • Viscosity index – resistance to oxidation and water-separating characteristics, allows efficient hydraulic functions

Appears to be still available from DEERE.
John Deere dealers still carry the power steering oil for two-cylinder tractors, AF2235R. If they don't have it on the shelf, thy can order it. I would still use it in the two-cylinder tractors.

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