pulling the front axle pivot pin in a MF245

Hi folks,

It's good and stuck. How do I pull the front axle pivot pin on my MF245?

As noted in an earlier thread, the rear bushing dropped out. I've got the tractor apart to some degree and I've pulled the stay pin which holds the pivot pin in place. That stay pin was pretty well stuck in there, but it did come out.

I can see that the pivot pin is stuck within the axle. It turns freely in the remaining bushing.

I have tugged on it and banged on it fairly smartly. It does not budge. Based on the way the stay pin was stuck in there, I am guessing there was no anti-seize applied when this pivot pin was installed. It's stuck to the axle, quite securely.

My only thought is to build a puller and to apply an unrelenting force with that... but I don't want to break the casting.

Any experience? Thoughts?

If you make sure the axle is up against the casting on the driven side, and you support that side, you won't break the casting. It's just rusted in solid to the axle (about 3'' of rust). I would find a chunk of aluminum or brass that will fit the end of the pin and really smack it a couple of times, making sure you are not pushing it against an unsupported cast bolster. You may have to tear it down enough to support both sides of the axle on its side, with no stress on the casting, and beat it out of the axle. That's what I had to do. Once it broke loose, it came out a lot easier than the first couple of whacks. The problem is no amount of heat will penetrate into the tube holding the pivot pin. And while the pin is pretty hard, you could flare the end you are beating on, and then it will never come all the way out. An aluminum block is your friend. I would go as far as machining one with a step, to go inside the center of the pin. That way you don't have to hold it in place when that BFH starts it's work. steve
Or, build your puller, put a bunch of pressure on it and smack the bolt end. Tighten and smack, tighten and smack, might break it loose. Use as big of a bolt, and as fine of threads as will fit through the center of the pin. I know 3/4 fit through mine. 7/8 might fit also, but probably not 1''. steve
Thanks Stevieb49829,

I've got a 7/8" piece of threaded rod which is hardened and fine-thread. And some big nuts. I'll build my puller as soon as the Fall planting is done.

I've got my machinist friend poised to machine me a "punch", too.

I'm really grateful for your reply - gives me the confidence to go on with the job. I'll let you know how it works out once I get a moment to go into the shop...

Thanks again,
Once you have the pin out, look really close at the casting to make sure the pin didn't wear into the casting after it wore through the bushing. There's nothing fancy about the bushings, so if you have to, have your machine shop bore it out larger, and either find, or turn a bronze bushing to the right dimensions. Just don't forget the hole through the bushing for the grease from the zerk. Good luck. steve
Eric, one other thing came to mind. Someone suggested there is more than one pivot pin size for the 245. Seems the diameters may vary. That may be advantageous if you have the smaller pin and your bolster
needs to be bored out. Switch to the larger pin and bushings, if it will work. Just be careful when ordering parts. steve

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