Push type mower: can I tip it to change the oil?


I was given a Craftsman big wheel mower. Starts good, runs good. Want to change oil…has drain plug on bottom, but this is unhandy and messy. Can I tip it on its side and drain out the fill/dipstick port? Or will this put oil in places where I don’t want It?
We tip push mowers to drain the oil all the time. just tip them the opposite way from the side the carburetor is on. Some may leak gas from the carburetor while on their side. It would be a good idea to remove the air filter so it doesn't get soaked with fuel. Since they can leak gas, sometimes it floods the engine and may be difficult to start that first time after standing it back upright.
I always use sawhorses, milk crate to sit on, and a five gallon pail. And it’s easy to clean out under there at the same time.

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