Sickle Mower for B,C, CA


I have a sickle mower for an Allis B, C, CA that I am interested in selling. Can anyone give me a ball park figure on what these are worth. I know, I know...they're worth what someone is willing to pay for them. I do need a fair starting price, though. Thanks in advance.
I'd guess $150 - give or take $100. Depending on distance and completeness (the drive pulley often gets lost or left on the tractor).
The mower for the CA is has curved mounting arms up front and a double belt drive. I have gotten all of my B/C mowers for less than $100, some even free.
Thanks for the input from everyone. I could not find a model number on this sickle mower, but I know from the color and parts numbers on the teeth it is an Allis mower. The mowing blade stand approx. 5 ft. tall.
the belly sickle mower for a Allis B was 5 or 6 ft long (two). It is made out of two 2 inch box section tubes running from the drawbar to the engine fly wheel area and hangs off two 5/8 bolts. it was called a "model B".

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