spider gear yanmar f20d


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anyone replaced the spider gear on f20 d pulled the top off rear differential there is only 1 spider gear on shaft the other end just washer rear wheels wont drive looking for instructions and parts thanks
thanks Winston i just got done looking at entire thread it does help thank you i was wonderin if you have to pull axle to put in spider gears i havnt been able to find any info on that im a grew on a farm mechanic with fair to medium abilitys ive inspected all the other gears in tranny and rear end all look great cant even find a scratch weird the one spider gear missing the other one damaged ill have to do a deep cavity search im sure its laying in there somewere in peices bought tractor couple years ago just play around yard but noticed front end would dig in nothing from rear great little tractor otherwise good shape thanks for any info found spider gears on hoyes but cant find anything on thrust washers maybe take them into napa match up the shaft for spider gears clean no marks thanks dn
I can't be sure but I believe you will have to pull the carrier as I don't think the spider gear shaft will come out without pulling the ring gear. The axles are easy to pull, gaskets likely to be the hardest job. However, I don't think you could do harm by trying to install spider gears without pulling the axles. I did not have to disassemble the differential to replace the ring gear so I really don't have a firm answer for you.
Yeah looking at it now I’m thinking pulling axle only way the shaft that holds spider gears would hit big ring gear I watched a YouTube video of someone doing spider gears by grinding little tip of ring gear but I’m not Gona grind any gear away wouldn’t be able to sleep. I did get spider gears shaft and thrust washers ordered from hoyes today so that’s cool meantime I’ll m Gona pull off tire and do some searching for missing gear in case but so far no luck been digging around it’s all clean and using magnets. It wouldn’t be possible someone put together over the years with one spider gear I’m wondering it couldn’t just disappear

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