The WC Lives!


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Finally got a chance to mess around with the WC I bought a few weeks ago. Took the carb off and cleaned it out a bit, put it back on, tried to start it, no go. Then I noticed the venturi sitting on the work bench. Put the carb back together correctly, she fired right up. Have been having some trouble with it dying on me. Seems like there's some crud coming throught the fuel lines. It starts right back up after it dies though. Spent an hour or so scraping and degreasing. Could use some more of that. Still needs to be rewired and have all the other little stuff done. I'm just glad she actually runs!
Remove the fuel bowl housing from the gas tank and make sure the inlet to the bowl housing is not full of crud. They take in gas from the bottom of the tank. Flush out the tank good when you have the bowl housing out.
When the inlet to the housing is plugged the engine will run a minute then stop. After a few minutes the gas from the tank will slowly push gas out of the bowl to the carburetor and the engine will run untill the carburetor goes dry because of resticted flow from the tank.

Hope this is the cause of the engine dying.
Unscrew the sediment bowl from the tank. Find about an inch of plastic tubing that fits inside of the inlet to the sediment bowl. When re-installed, it will stick up above the bottom of the fuel tank, and those bottom feeders (nnalert) floating around the bottom of the tank will not go into the fuel system.

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