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Hi I’m new here, I’ve just bought a case comfort king for my farm and I’m chasing some info about the tractor as to what it actually is the model number is 832 C and the serial number is 8274289. Now I’ve been told that it is a 830 case-o-matic comfort king but I don’t believe this to be true as per the model number but I can’t find any information
Yes, you have a Case 830. The "832" signifies that it is "western special" ( standard, non adjustable tread) diesel. The "C" shows it has the "Case-O-Matic" transmission option (torque converter) instead of the standard dry clutch. If it was a rowcrop version the serial number plate would chow 831 C, a spark ignition version of your tractor would show 842C on the plate.
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Hello Stubbo88, welcome to YT! I’m an IH guy but roam all over these forums, thought I would give you a greeting. We had a 1070 on our farm in Kansas where I grew up. It did the job for us. I knew a couple farmers around that area that had Case 830s, seemed like they were good tractors.
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Thanks used red MN your sure right they are good tractors and I’m just trying to find more information on the one I have in order to restore it to its former glory
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I had 2 830 diesel row crop tractors. One was COM and the other was 8sp dual range. Dad had a 401 diesel when I was growing up. All great tractors. Dad also got DC adjustable wide front, it was a bear to steer for a little guy, I was use to a Farmall H but it got real tired, so tired that it laid down and rolled over, twice on the hill behind our house. It was wore out and beat up, just didn't have enough power to run the new Gehl silo filler he bought, so he traded for the DC....James
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