i have a ford 2n that runs and has a pretty good paint job. I also have a ford 8n that i got started but needs a battery, rear tires, and other misilanious parts, in wicth i might sell to a friend. My grandpa has 2 tractors in wicth have ran prevoulsy. On is a Case DC trike and the other is a Farmall H. I am looking to use for prades, shows, and planting and fertilizing hay once a year. What would be better? Will a trike have issues? Thanks.

Clapped 2n
tricycle fronts are just fine but use common smarts. lots of
accidents flipping over but when you survey the accident
stupidity was involved.
IMHO, you can't beat a FORD N-SERIES tractor. The 3-PT with Draft Control was a world changing innovation and N's are notorious workhorses - the more you work them, the
more they wanna work. I'd go with an 8N rather than a 9N/2N though. 8N has a 4-fwd spd transmission and POSITION CONTROL. 9N/2N's only have 3-SPD transmission and DRAFT
CONTROL only. Can't speak for CASE or IH but you also can't go wrong with a 3-PT. Pull type implements are a hassle. 3-PT Lift implements are more readily available.

Tim Daley (MI)
For a working tractor I personally would not be able to tolerate the N-series Ford's non-live hydraulic system. I can live without a live PTO but for me the hydraulic pump had better be
running off the engine, not somewhere downstream of the clutch. That said, I don't believe that any of the tractors you mention have live hydraulics (unless retrofitted aftermarket) so
all are equal in that regard. If pull-type equipment is what you're using than the Farmall H is likely the most capable tractor of the four you listed and has a better range of
transmissions speeds than the Fords. If shows and parades are the most important the Case would probably catch the most attention since Ford N-series and Farmall H's are everywhere.

Fertilizer on small acreages is usually spread using a three point cone type spreader. Do the Case and the H have three point?
Of those you mentioned, I would fix up the 8N.
Got one here I use all the time.
Been in the family since new.
Will do the jobs you mentioned just fine.
The 2n can all ready do all of those task. I want the h or dc mainly for shows and parades. I only ment if I did need to use it with would be better
(quoted from post at 05:48:58 06/05/23) The 2n can all ready do all of those task. I want the h or dc mainly for shows and parades. I only ment if I did need to use it with would be better

If you want to disappear in the crowd, that would be the Farmall.

If you want something uncommon that would stand out in the parade, that would be the Case.

If you want something compatible with the equipment you have for the 2N, that would be the 8N.

Millions of tractors were built in the "trike" configuration. It's nothing to be afraid of. People like to fret about how "unstable" they are but it's just not true. 95% of your stability comes from the REAR wheels. Wide fronts have the advantage that they ride better because the tractor only moves half as much when a wheel comes in contact with a bump. They also have the advantage of being able to see where your front tires are and what they are doing. In modern times 90% of tractors come with 4x4, so a narrow front wouldn't work anyway. They do ad a LITTLE stability, but that is not the primary reason.
Would also take an 8n over a 2n or 9n... You have POSITION control as well as draft control. You have an extra gear that is much needed. You may have a tach and side distributor or may not pending the year. You have more standard rims that interchange with newer tractors as to the lug patterns. You have the great 3pt that is designed to let a smaller tractor do the work of a bigger tractor. You can use readily available shredders, post hole diggers, plows, disc and all of the equipment out there and not need to search for mounted or drag equipment. And you can buy NEW equipment that will work fine on it. However I would think about selling both/all and at least moving up to a jubilee or newer ford with live hydraulics and probably a live pto if your serious about using the tractors for working. Then there's the I'm an old guy and would think about things like power steering as mandatory. Oh and climate change so a cab and a/c for when it gets to 126 degrees. Then theres the round baler so I dont have to pick up squares so a ford 7710 II series tractor with the triple pane glass, insulation, and super freezem a/c and nice radio in super quiet cab...

As to parade tractor, it doesnt matter what you pick as it does not need to do anything other than move forwards and stop safely, so take your pick. Any junker will work fine, even a riding lawnmower.
Will you drive the tractor to the parades or trailer it? If you drive it the Farmall H would have the fastest road gear. The DC should be the heaviest and have the most HP, but might also be the slowest. The N series would be the lightest. The DC would be the most distinctive.
I beg to differ with a couple things 3pt is the hassle wrestling it around to get aall the nonsense hooked up to lift it. The pull implement just drop a pin and hook up the hydraulics or wait to pull the rope till you want it down. As for the tipping that is nonsense. they wide front will tip just as easy. The pivot is at the ground on a narrow front and up at the top of the axle on the wide front. The wide front is just as false sense of security for most with tipping. A couple hills I work most would bail off with the wide front and We have been using narrow fronts on them for decades. Like close to 100 years now. If you reallt want stability then go get an old Cat D-4 they don't tip sideways nor endways. Will go anywhere you have the gumption to drive it. I've never tipped our H or MD or even came close to it. I've had our loader tip one rear wheel up loading lots of time with the wide front on it.

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