WD45 trip bucket still not working

Mark Wells

New User
My hydraulics were working great then I tried to add a front end loader. First I plumbed thru an extra hydraulic tank (stupid)then in to the t for the loader. Didnt work but rear arms worked. I disconnected all that then plumbed directly from remoted hydraulic arm in the back to the t for the loader. Now nothing works. I disconnected the hose to the loader and still no hydraulics. I filled up the hydraulic tank.
Help would be appreciated
If you tee into any port that is connected to a lift cylinder, the loader will work but not until the lift ams are at their maximum height. It may have worked when you lift arms worked.
When I went back to check the tractor before I changed the plumbing the resoivoir was almost epmpty. I put 3/4 gallon hydr fluid in before I tried to run it. I also tried to run it just the rear lift arms, What should I check next?
Thanks Texas Denny, I went out today and thank godness the hydraulics work still no front end. I will send pic tomorrow after I do what you said.
thanks again!
I am not sure if this applies to you.
Allis has high pressure, low volume hydraulic system.
the cylinders on your loader need to be made for this type of system (low volume)
if you have larger diameter cylinders you will run out of oil.
Thanks To all. Texas Denny you were right as usual! I teed right off the left ram and it works perfect. Seems the valve on the auxilary ram is stuck but I will leave that for another day.

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