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Looks like a John Deere but has a different trade mark


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Every JD steel beam walking plow I have seen had John Deere on the top of the beam. Did John Deere ever use that style share? Looks more like Oliver but I know a lot of others used that style. No expert on walking plows, just worked a lot of farm sales. Younger brother was an auctioneer. Seemed farmers would always point out the Oliver plows. Just conversation, memories Thanks....James
Found it on the edge of my property not long after I bought it. Actually broke it trying to pull it out of the dirt, but welded it back together. Tried to figure out what kind of plow it was, looks similar to a JD plow I saw on Internet, so I painted it green. It's going to be yard art and I'm going to put it next to mailbox. I'll attach a pic of the JD that I think it looks like.



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This is the final post for me, unless someone can identify what kind of plow it is.

Here are some pictures of the final product.

Thanks everyone


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There were so darned many small companies building plows back then, you might never know unless a collector recognizes that trade mark. I've got a pretty fair collection of them and that one's new to me. Like has been said, Oliver used a point like that, but that's not an Oliver mark.

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